Do you know some foods help fertility?


Yes. Getting pregnant is just not all about having good sex or making love, as the case maybe. 

There are some foods that increases your chance of getting pregnant and boost fertility rate. This food are to be consumed by the two partners, not the woman only. 

Examples are:

1. Oysters, Grains, Lobsters, Diary products:

They are rich in zinc which is a vital vitamin for couples trying to make babies. 

2. Leafy greens and Citrus fruits: 

These foods are good sources of folic acid, which helps the male infertility and reduces possible neutral tube defects in woman. 

3. Fruits, Vegetables, Milk, Eggs:

They contain Multivitamins which reduces ovulation problems and helps a regular cycle. 

4. Meat, Vegetables:

Iron is present in this foods and it's also a very vital mineral for the couples. It stimulates and increases fertility possibilities. 

Other foods include: Strawberry, Oranges among others. 

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