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I’m currently in a relationship. He has three different baby mother’s. One of them is awful she doesn’t care for her oldest so the child live with his grandparents. The father which is my bf gets him whenever he can. He wants full custody of him altogether. Which I think is a great idea. My bf second baby mother is married plus she doesn’t really let him see his child that much because he claims she wants to be with him but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her. His third baby mother she’s different. Before we met of course he NEVER told me how close they were. I asked him if he would ever cheat on me with any of them he told me NO. He asked me one day if his child mother didn’t have the money for certain things would it be okay if he helped her out. I said yeah I guess. Only if it’s good intentions and nobody won’t think they getting something in return. He helped find her a car/house paid an down payment for both and then first months rent. But he does all that for her and we haven’t went on NO DATE. He’s steady doing doing doing for her he’s not doing shit for me. He told me why he’s doing so much for her only because she was prego and he stressed her out so bad to the point she lost there baby. And he feels like he has to pay her back for all the hurt and pain. We have talked about it and argued over it to many times. I’m sort of crumbling and thinking about giving up. Has anyone been in a situation this close and what did you do? PLEASE DO NOT TALK NEGATIVE!