VERY unusual symptoms

Hi ladies, normally I wouldn’t post anything like this, but I’m starting to get really nervous. I don’t have a trusted adult in my life, and none of my girl friends have knowledge.

My whole life, my periods have been a little irregular. However, recently, they’ve been about 19 days apart and 9 days long. Just this month, my period was 20 days after the last. However, on Saturday (1 week and 2 days after my last period) I started my period again.

Usually my periods are VERY heavy, and VERY messy. I have to change a pad every hour, and if I go over that time, I bleed through my pants. I typically have dark red blood, and large blood clots. Also, they are accompanied by insane pain.

Anyway, so far this period has been very different. I started off spotting, which happened around Thursday/Friday (May 23/24). On Saturday, I started bleeding. Very lightly though, and the lightness kept on through this morning. I had school this morning, and I noticed that the bleeding was a little bit heavier, so I put on a pad. When I went to the bathroom a few hours later, the blood was a very dark dark brown.

I’ve seen brownish/blackish discharge before due to old blood, but it hasn’t been like this. And this is so close to my last period, I’ve never had this happen before.

I’d love some type of advice or insight into what anyone thinks is happening.

I’ve scheduled an appointment with my doctor, but the soonest available appointment is June 18th–so that’s when I meet with her.

For some clarity on some things that might be needed to know, I am 17. I’ve had my period since I was in 5th grade (so about 7 years). I do have sex, with my boyfriend who I’ve been dating for over a year. It’s not often, but we do have sex from time to time (always with a condom).

If anyone has any idea, please help me understand. I’m open to all thoughts or advice. And I’ll be glad to answer any further questions. Thank you.