I hate men

I’m 39 weeks and not only does my body hurt from head to toe I am just so angry with the state of this country and the men who are making laws against women. I can’t stand it. I’m angry at my husband just for the fact of being a man right now.

I think women all over the country should make a statement by going to the homes or offices of these congressmen and give birth right on their front porch or lobby of their place of work. They clearly have no idea how a baby is made past their sperm. It will be an artistic statement and a learning event for these men who believe so many falsities about a woman’s body and how babies are actually formed and made.

Men have no clue. And woman who support these laws... you have to be brainwashed to agree with them. This is about controlling women and keeping poor people poor not saving babies. Never in my life did I think this would be a conversation... this country is in the toilet.

Women, stand together. Don’t give up. Stay strong and support each other no matter what. This can not and will not stand.