Relationship advice

I been in a “relationship” for almost 8 years now we dated 2 years, got pregnant and we started living together okay, so the problem started when my baby was six months, a week after my birthday my husband cheated on me I couldn’t forgive him so I decided to go leave with my mom I gave him another chance but he never did anything to win my trust or love back, convinced myself I was doing for my daughter to give her a family almost 2 years after I hit rock bottom again, he is been partying he wouldn’t come to sleep, I ask him to leave (btw we are leaving at my moms house) he says alright to give him a few days I agreed just for him to go ahead and rub some girl and my face and not leaving my moms house.

Now the I’m writing this down it sounds so stupid and ridiculous I’m sorry lol

My mom doesn’t want us to split up that’s why he feels so comfortable staying she says that all men have imperfections so it’s been 2 years since that last incident I don’t even know what we are doing anymore I can’t even be with him (sexually) anymore I feel so miserable...

Help please?