Would you be mad?

Anyone who can answer this will be a big help.


You’re at a party with your SO. You have some drinks, and you smoke more weed than you have ever before. Crossed. Now you’re walking around not knowing what’s going on. Your high is giving you anxiety. You find your SO, tell him what’s happening. He’s sober, so he’s perfectly able to help you. He tries and calm you down. Deep breaths. The breaths aren’t helping, so he suggests to take you to the car to calm down. You both get in the car. You’re having an anxiety attack. Your SO tries to talk to you and tell you it’s okay. You calm down. You look at him. You look at his lips. You want to kiss him. And that’s what you do — kiss him. He kisses you back. You continue on and get on top of him. The position is a little uncomfortable, so you suggest switching and have him get on top. Instead he lets you lay in passenger seat and pulls out his sex and asks you to blow him. He convinces you how exciting and fun it’ll be. Come on, it’s your SO, you’ve done this a million times. You start, and then immediately stop. It dawns on you: you don’t even know what’s going on. You’re completely intoxicated. You stop and tell him, “No! No. Not like this. Not like this, I don’t feel good. I don’t want it.” He dresses himself and tries to calm you down. You curl up in a ball. Your anxiety attack is back. You rock your body back and forth and say, “I could have been in anyone’s car right now. It could’ve been anyone.”

Your SO was sober this whole time. Should you be mad at him?