Freaking out

Bri • Married and mother to babygirl💓

So i just had my daughter July 26th. Recently I’ve been feeling nauseous and dizzy . I work with kids so i thought it might be the stomach bug. I took a pregnancy test just to double check yet i thought I’d be impossible . We don’t have sex much and even when we do he pulls out every time and we also wear condoms. Well when i took the test and for a long time only the not pregnant sign popped up. A couple hours later i look and it looks like a faint line on the pregnant side popped up . I bought the blue dye pregnancy test so maybe that’s why ? I heard they’re not as accurate but now I’m freaking out because i didn’t want anymore especially for s long time i wanted to enjoy my daughter just by herself for a while . Am i just freaking out for nothing?