So in love with the way I look but I wasn’t always...

Asia • 2013 I had a son and put him up for an open adoption, my husband and I just had our first together on Halloween..

I have always hated the way I looked. Always thought my thighs were way too thick for a girl of my stature. Was a whole lot of 150 at only 5 foot 2 before I was pregnant. My boobs were far too large for someone so small and honestly they’ve gotten even bigger but I honestly have to say I love the way I look pregnant I love the way my body feels pregnant. Just because I know that lump isn’t fat it’s my wonderful baby growing inside of me. I have never been so happy to look in a mirror. I hope that someone else will read this and feel better about the way we look because we have created and are creating life here. I’m carrying my wonderful beautiful son or daughter and I’ve never been happier about it. Sometimes I have my moments and sometimes I feel on top of the world.

Tonight (I work overnights) at work I was told that I looked great it looked like I lost weight and have been doing better. I told her I was pregnant and my baby is sucking all my weight away.

I hope you guys feel just as happy about being pregnant as I do! I mean yes there are shitty symptoms but I love being pregnant in total!