Please comment! UPDATE !!

So i found this in my husbands trash bin on email ... does this mean he’s paying for

This shit ?! How would you go about confronting him about it..

i honestly went on his iPhone and disables all porn from being able to be searched

Lmao 🤷🏽‍♀️

UPDATE: so i was waiting until today once we were both off of work to confront him about this but he beat me to the punch at 3am this morning.. he pretty much woke up to get on one of those websites again while i was sleeping to jack off and noticed i disabled all porn adult sites off his phone so he wasn’t able to even get on. He then came in the room woke me up from his sleep with anger and said to give him access to his shit again or i can grab all my shit and move out... also while grabbing me by the hair and pushing me to the floor

And hitting my head. Mind y’all i am 23 weeks pregnant with his child!!! For someone to legit put their unborn child

In harms way all because they couldn’t look up porn it’s a whole other level. YES I AM GOING TO LEAVE.