Delayed miscarriage


Last week my partner and I went off to our 12 week scan, so excited and not concerned at all!

I knew something wasn’t right as soon as she started scanning my tummy, she struggled to find the baby and then proceeded to ask me ‘have you had any bleeding at all?’ Which I answered no.. I had no pain and definitely no bleeding at all!

She finally found the baby and I just knew the baby was too small for 12 weeks, she then told me I was measuring at about 9 1/2 weeks and that’s when the penny dropped. I knew I weren’t anything less than 12 weeks because of the dates of my last period.

The next thing she said was ‘I can’t find a heartbeat’

She then went to pull someone else in to confirm there was no heartbeat and our whole world came crashing down!

So my miscarriage was described as a delayed miscarriage because the baby had died at 9 1/2 weeks and I was still carrying it.. no signs of miscarriage happening.

I just can’t face people, whenever I go out all I see are pregnant women, babies. I’m just absolutely devastated.

Does it get any easier? All I worry about is it potentially happening next time. Why did this have to happen? 😢