Boyfriend says he’ll NEVER wants kids or marriage

My boyfriend has made it VERY clear to me that he’ll NEVER have kids/want to be a dad and he won’t want marriage. I want kids in the future and marriage as we are only 19 and 20 rn but he says even at 40 he won’t want kids or be married. I don’t know how to feel atm. I love him so much he’s amazing in every way but him saying that shows me that either he’ll change his mind in the future or we will eventually split in the future over the kid and marriage situation which breaks my heart to think about.


Thank you to all those that took the time to give me advice. We are young and i love and enjoy spending every moment with him. At the moment it isn’t a massive dealbreaker as I don’t plan on having kids until I’m about 30 anyways just something to keep in mind that there may or may not be that family future with him, and that when the time comes when I do and he doesn’t I may have to part ways with him (crying as I write that part 😔) which the thought of being apart crushes me. For now enjoying young love is good enough for me.