Annoyed & Frustrated!

Jhami • Just me, myself & i💓

So this month I had my period twice. First started the 8th of May and ended the 12th of May but than me and my boyfriend had sex on 17th. Four day after that I got my period on 22nd and guess what?! I still have my damn period now for 9 days straight and it’s coming down heavy VERY heavy. Plus I’m on vacation due to my boyfriend living in a different country but anyways just don’t know what to do honestly, like is this normal? I am on birth control but I been messing up while I been on vacation so maybe I believe that why my period is taking forever to go away. I stopped taking it right now. I do want to go to the gyn to check what’s going on but I want to wait until I head back home. So please anyone thoughts about this situation, please!!!! 😩