Is marriage counseling really helpful?

Ive been with my husband since 2004 and married for 9 years. We have a house, 2 kids 8 and 2, and dog. I feel like im done. Hes a great dad and works hard, never cheated, but he expects so much from me. I work 3 days a week but 12 hours and up at 3am. So im exhausted when i get home. Days off im doing the household work and caring for our 2 year old so im just as busy. We both take responsibility with our kids and get them ready for bed and everything. I will try to get a 30 minute workout because i need to keep myself healthy. And after that i am whooped! My husband expects me to everynight stay up watch a movie and wants sex like all the time! I tell him im exhausted and then makes remarks like so am i but all you want to do is sleep. Then this turns into a fight and says why do we do this?.. this is all the time. I say during the week is just a lot i am tired and stress. And theres the weekend but he sees it as i dont care! Ok, maybe i look like i dont care but i do and im just tired of him not understanding how i feel. I have to make him happy or its not working, but what about me? Why cant he just understand where im coming from too? And our fights are all the time. We are good then bad then good then bad. I feel like im just done. But i want to at least try therapy so we can both understand each other and make a change. So is it worth it? Does it help? I almost want to say i dont want to do this and if im divorce i wont have someone up my ass and expecting to be pleased everyday. Because he has no idea what i need to make me happy in our relationship its only him. I feel like he has been controlling everything about this relationship since day one. Never asks how i feel about anything. I really want to know to do therapy and if it helps?