Too harsh?

So to try and make it lss, I haven’t had sex in about 6months. I finally see my man again and we have sex and he finishes fast. I cut him some slack since it’s been a minute but few days later we go again. We get about 3 rounds in and I also gave him oral each time. I however, didn’t even come close to any type of orgasm and he refused to eat me out because he had came in me earlier and “didn’t want to taste it”. I was so annoyed the whole car ride home that I cussed him out over text and called him a fu**boy and everything. At first I was feeling like “No screw him that was bogus” I felt like I was justified because he wouldn’t even try and made zero effort to satisfy me but I feel kinda bad now for calling him names and going off the way I did and he’s not talking to me today. Was I too mean?