So confused!


So I went in CD9 for a scan which I thought was a little early, but the last cycle I had a good sized follicle at CD11 and that would have been a Sunday.

I was still bleeding until CD8 so I wasn't very hopeful going in. They say a 28mm follicle, but said it was probably a cyst. They told me to not trigger this cycle and to wait for a positive opk. No positive opk for a week and a half so I called. She told me to take a home pregnancy test on Sunday and stop my estrace if that's negative. My period should start in the following few days, but if it doesn't by Tuesday they want me to come in for a scan. It feels like there is something wrong with the cycle and that they are concerned. It's all very confusing because my first Femara plus trigger cycle went perfectly, other than the fact that it didn't result in a pregnancy.

This cycle I am just feeling discouraged and confused.