Where to start...:WARNING

Christina • The Treasure MommaG6

I’m 46 & to my knowledge, have never been pregnant. I was molested my ENTIRE childhood & I mean ENTIRE cuz I have faint memories of my fathers penis in my 6 yr. old mouth & no my father wasn’t my only abuser. Also around that age frame I was walking across a water drain in a parking lot & my feet slid in between 2 openings & before I knew it my vagina was resting on a piece of iron because my feet had slid in between two openings. At some point before my teens I had discovered the pleasures of water pressure, & it became a nightly thing. As with a lot of ‘abused’ children I became addicted to drugs & alcohol by the age of 14 & was well on my way to being a slut. Fast forward to my adult years I was still a slut & still never pregnant. I picked up this book, All About The Female Body, & upon reading it I learned that sex at an early age is 1 thing that can cause infertility. Knowing everything I’d experienced up to then (mid 20’s) I just figured I was infertile & because of my ‘Sex,Drugs & RnR’ lifestyle t

felt it was for the best & I didn’t bother having it looked into nor have I ever had the means to investigate. Over the years I became at peace with not having my own blood children. So now here I am age 46 (23 for the 2nd time)& I’m talking to this 44 year old online that don’t have children either. We feel as if we are each others soulmate & will be together forever. For for some reason I have this really strong urge to want to have his baby & yes he’s onboard with me. I’ve never felt like that with anybody not even my recently acquired ex-husband that I was with for 16 years. Now I have insurance so I have the means to go and get it looked at but I just don’t know where to start. Although I don’t think my OB/GYN knows of my childhood abuse she knows my desire to want to have a baby with my POPPA & my infertility concerns but didn’t give any real suggestions. HELP ME!!!