Afraid of being alone with him?

Hey guys, so my fiancé and I recently broke up. We live in different states currently because of his job. We broke up because when he came here to visit (we stayed at a hotel) he got really drunk and proceeded to trash the hotel looking for more boos (i hid in the bathroom and poured them down the toilet because I was scared). He tried to rape me several times and only stopped when I gave up resisting and started crying.

He recently told me he wants to come back to my state to talk things over. But he understands I’m not required to stay with him overnight. (No fucking way!) I can’t stop him from coming here, he has my address, I live with my parents still so I’m concerned about that too and for their safety. I have no way to prove to the law that he tried to do those things to me, I have no way to prove that I’m in any danger, hell I may not even be in any danger because I’m not sure if he’s mentally sound or not, but to be honest I’m scared. What should I do in this situation, if he just shows up at my house? I thought about a restraining order, but that would take time to be able to obtain, and probably wouldn’t be able to happen before he would be able to get here. I really don’t think police would take me seriously if there no proof of me being in danger, and if my ex acts normal around them just so he’s in the clear.

Has anyone been in this situation before? Does anyone have any ideas? Should I even be worried this much? And only concern myself if he actually does do something harmful?