It’s driving me insane!!!!!!😩


I’ve known for 4 days now that I’m pregnant. We’ve been TTC for 11 months and for months I’ve KNOWN how I want it to be when I announce to my baby daddy. Trouble is, I didn’t have the stuff I needed to do it! So when I found out on Tuesday that I was pregnant, I went straight online & ordered the stuff! It’s legit been the longest 4 DAYS EVER! And I’m hoping that the stuff is here when I wake up tomorrow as it’s estimated between 31st & 1st, so I can just get it all perfect tomorrow ready for him to finish work!🥰

I’m starting to feel bad that it’s been 4 days and I haven’t told him. I’m filled with guilt that I’m “hiding it from him” even though it’s all for the right reasons & I just want everything to be perfect👶🏼❤️

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