Baby and dad

Merissa • Little man born 3/28/19 💙

When did your baby stop freaking out whenever daddy has them? I know it’s normal for babies to only want mommy but my boyfriend has been working crazy hours and hasn’t seen us much. He did bath time tonight and Carter just screamed the whole time. After he was all dressed he still was screaming so I took him to settle and I noticed my boyfriend was crying. I feel awful, he missed him so much and he thinks his own son hates him. I assured him that it’s not him and he just wants me because he knows I’m the food source and sometimes he does the same thing for me. Carter is fine if I’m holding him and my boyfriend is talking to him or we’re on a walk and he can see him pushing the stroller, but other than that he doesn’t want anything to do with him 95% of the time.