Did we do it enough?

We baby danced the 19, 21st, 23rd, and 24th because was projected to ovulate around that time frame. Turns out I didn’t so we then kept having sex on the 26th, 27th, and the 29th. I reached my peak yesterday the 29th and I ovulated today. I could tell as I had all the symptoms and little twinges and what not that accompany ovulation, and even if I am wrong and ovulate tomorrow... did we do it enough? It’s the 30th today and ovulation day and we tried to do it but honestly neither of us were in the mood and just could not do it. It felt like work rather than fun :( are we going to be okay? Did we do it enough possibly? I feel like My CM is more watery today and less of it starting later in the evening than there was earlier in the day. Is that normal? Yesterday was mass EWCM I was leaking it all day so I know I was super fertile yesterday when we baby danced... and all the days before too lol!

On a side note, when we conceived our daughter we weren’t trying and it was literally a one time of unprotected sex and I was pregnant. Once. So I know we’re both fertile. Now that we’re planning out our second one two years later I feel I am so worried about doing it all perfectly.