Possibly pregnant


Ok. So my "period" was 2 days late. Then i happen to go pee and seen a couple of drops of red blood. So i put in a tampon. That was on the 31st. Yesterday while changing my tampons throughout the day i realized that i was only seeing brown and only small sopts of it on the tampon. So i took an internet test strip this morning and i got this...

Im confused now. I stopped using the tampons so i can see just how much brown blood comes out.

I just want to know already.. what do you ladies suggest?

UPDATE: Had a blood draw yesterday at 1:45 and got the results this morning. Its only at 6. So technically positive. So that explains my vvfl on my test strip.

Going back tomorrow for another blood draw to see if my levels are going up. Still missing my period. And my brown spotting has stopped. 6 is low. Maybe i seriously just implanted... idk. Has this happened to anyone else and their levels raised?

Update #2: went for my second blood draw this afternoon. Will have the results in the morning. But im happy to see that my test strip 2nd line has darkened. I will post in another group. Fx this baby sticks.