Pregnant and Alone.

I’m so tired of being alone. I’m miserable. My husband doesn’t even acknowledge my existence anymore. I could literally be choking on a chicken bone in front of him and he wouldn’t notice. I have expressed to him many many times how I feel our relationship is being neglected, and how it’s killing me how he is so distant, but he does nothing to change it. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and taking care of my dying mother and sick grandfather and my husband. We are all sharing the same home because my mother and grandfather are too unwell to live on their own. So On top of being pregnant, I have all of this added on top of my plate, and I’m going to crack soon. All I ask for is a little TLC and attention from my hubby once in awhile. But I get nothing. Not even anger. No emotion, no reaction, it’s like being married to a stuffed animal. I have no friends either because I’ve spent the last four years revolving my life around him. I’m so close to giving up. I needed to vent. Sorry for the long, pointless rambling.