Seatbelt not long enough for car seat? Any advice?


I’ve recently purchased the Cybex Cloud Z car seat. There are several reasons we went for this one: it’s comparable with our iCandy peach pram, it is one of the safest on the market and it has lie-flat capabilities so I really don’t want to have to look for a different one now!

The issue is I only have a small car (Nissan Micra 2011) and although the car seat fits comfortably in the back, the belt is too short. Now I can get it to fasten but it means I have to tip the seat forward to hook the belt onto the back seatbelt clip, which obviously isn’t safe when there’s a baby in there. It also means the belt is rather right and I have to tip it again to remove it 😩😔

Is there such a thing as a seatbelt extension? Any advice?