Struggling after miscarriage


I need to vent, because people around me don't understand my situation as no one I know has suffered a miscarriage.

So we lost our little nugget on the 21st may at 5 weeks pregnant. I was and still am heartbroken. We have been trying over 3 years (been together 10years and never prevented) and we were both in utter shock we had done it without medical intervention. But I cant get over how quickly it has been taken away.

To make matters worse my husbands sister told me in Jan they were thinking about starting to try, but yest announced she is 14 weeks pregnant. I did the math and that means she was trying for 1 cycle and is having a normal healthy pregnancy on her first go. 4 friends have also announced pregnancies which are a little easier to separate my emotions from because I don't see them regularly.

So now I am here grieving my loss and now jealous and bitter towards how easy some women can just fall pregnant so easy. I know that's awful, but I have had months and years of trying, testing, tears, upset and I just cant help but feel it's unfair.

I know once I accept my loss I will be happy to see my new niece or nephew when they arrive in November but right now I just want to shut away from the world!