I'm So Scared


So me and my SO have been having money problems ever since I stopped working at the end of my pregnancy and the whole time up til now 6 weeks PP. The stress has been weighing on me I've never felt like this we've almost lost our apartment twice and have walked in to no electricity more than once but since I stopped working it got worse. We have two babies a 3 year old and a 6 week old. Well he's been deciding that beer is an important thing to him all of a sudden and has been wanting to go to his dad's every Saturday to drink over there. Well he said yesterday he would just be drinking beer but I guess he walked to the liquor store down the street and got a Four Loko (I'm sure most of you know how drunk you can get with those) and on the way home he is telling me that he wants to be able to have more beer at home and I said how when we don't even have money to pay our bills?? Well he lost it. He has never acted like this before but he just lost it. As soon as we walk in the door and the baby is sat down he pins me against the wall and starts choking me saying that he's done with me making him feel like less of a man. Me reminding him that we are struggling when he wants to spend extra money isn't me trying to belittle him. He just kept going from there screaming and put the baby on the bed and wouldn't let me get to her while she was crying. He told me he was gonna leave with her and I better give him my phone so I can't call anyone. He was Soo drunk and he's twice my size I felt helpless. I am sorry this is so long I'm just so worried he's gone right now I managed to get a text out to his sister and she came and got him but I have no money and no way to afford this place and no where to go 😢 I can't eat I don't feel good and I haven't slept I'm just so scared right now 😟