Kidney Stones. ( long post )


I went to the hospital Friday evening with cramping. They told me I was having contractions. I was freaking out since I’m only 29 weeks.

After I few hours the contractions stopped and I started getting left abdominal pain. They said I was dehydrated. I had 2 IV bags then got sent home. They said the pain would subside. I got home at 9:30pm. And went to be by 11pm. I woke up at 12:00am with excruciating pain. I waited it out for an hour. And it got worse. I ended up going in again.

They ran blood test and did an ultrasound. They said it was kidney stones. The pain was so bad and constant I started throwing up. They gave me sulfuran and Tylenol. And the pain finally went away. I was home by 5:30am

I was fine all day. I was able to go for a walk in the afternoon. I went to bed fine. Slept through the night. Then at 6:30a

I woke up again with cramps. They were so bad I couldn’t sleep. I got up and sat on my sofa to see if the pain went away but nothing. Instead i started feeling pain on my left again. Same as the night before.

I had my husband get me Tylenol. After an hour it calmed down. I was able to sleep another hour. I woke up again with the pain. I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t move. My husband called the hospital. All he was told was that they would not be able to do anything other than give me Tylenol. Which I had to wait another 3 hours for another dose. They said it was better for me to stay home. As of now the pain went away but I’m scared to feel it again. It’s horrible. And it’s frightened me that nothing can be done. I literally just have to wait it out. And the pain is constant not stop.

Has anyone else had this happen!?

How long did the pains last ??

Sorry for the long post.