Early pregnancy symptoms?

I’m... really anxious and worried. A week and a day ago my boyfriend and I did some stuff, but I’m still a virgin so you get the idea. The thing is that he masturbated and... we forgot about that at the moment. We’re pretty sure he used his other hand to do some stuff in me but we’re still worried.

Since then my vaginal discharge (the normal one) has stopped and I usually discharge a lot so that was really really strange and got me anxious immediately. Some days my breasts hurt, I have like cramps and I have problem peeing. My period arrives this week and I’m an irregular person so it could arrive sooner or later but I need to know. Could I be pregnant? Even if it’s basically imposible because he (96% sure) did it with his other hand?

Please, I have a lot of anxiety and haven’t been getting sleep because of this. He says that if anything happens he’ll be with me no matter what and I know him well enough to know that he’s telling the truth but we’re both about to start college and we want to study and have a future in college.