Mother in Law

Laura • Mommy of 5! (Girl 2011, Boy 2013, Boy 2015, Boy 2017, Girl 2019)

My husband and I decided on the name Autumn Aurora for our baby girl.

Me and my mother in law do not get along. We actually haven’t spoken or seen each other is over a year. my husband and his mother rarely get along as well but he does talk to her a few times a week. Mostly arguing but that’s their business.

He is an only child and out of the blue, he asked me if we could change our little girls middle name to “Ray”, which is his mothers middle name. I said no. I’ve always wanted to name my baby girl Aurora and already sacrificed it as a middle name because he wanted Autumn as the first name. So then he suggested Autumn Aurora Ray (2 middle names). I don’t like it and I really don’t like his mother.... I told him we have 5 months to think about it but I’m really against it.

Should I stand my ground and refuse “Ray” or give in to the two middle names?