Embarrassing sex story!!! MUSTREAD

Ashley • Ig- jamieson_ashley Sc- Ashley_j7

just a little back story:

So I just recently lost my virginity to my bf and we haven’t been together for long but I’m super comfortable w him and it was my idea to have sex in the first place. It was his second time

It was good and fun for both

Although something super embarrassing happened...

So we were at my friends house with a few people, people started falling asleep so me and my bf headed to the spare room. We made out things escalated and we ended up having sex along with many other things ;) but when we were having sex half way we lost the condom, we looked for a second but I told him to keep going. we finished our fun and we’re lying there cuddling (still naked) I heard someone coming so we both quickly got dressed, I left the room to get water and my friends were awake, instantly they all were like omg did u guys fuck and all that so I just laughed it off. Later me and my bf went to go hang out w everyone bc no one was tired anymore, then I was like oh shit we have to find the condom incase her mom goes in there and finds it. So ALL of us go into the spare room to look for it. We looked everywhere and it was gone. My best friend makes a joke he says “it’s in ur pussy” everyone laughed and he said no fr go check. So I go to the bathroom reach up there and pull out the condom.


And the next day at school everyone asked me if I had a condom in my pussy :)) so that was my first time having sex🤣