O just need to vent a little


It’s late and I am so fed up with the situation in my house my husband came to me about 3 weeks ago and said his cousin her husband and baby were coming from Brasil and needed a place to stay mind you I never see these people in my life ok I said well these are the conditions you know I’m a clean freak every thing annoys the shit out of me so you better let them know also make sure to make it clear I am no ones maid every thing in this house needs to be done between all of us ok so I receive his cousins in my house 2 weeks goes by and the lazy female doesn’t want to do anything only thing she did so far was dishes at night I cook clean make food she doesn’t ask if I need help she has dirty clothes from the baby in the hamper I mean baby had massive diarrhea I have told her how to use the machine I asked her Friday and yesterday to wash the clothes I have had enough 2 days I have been having fights with the hubby because of them today we all went out to his brothers house I kept saying let’s go let’s go supermarket is closing we need bread etc I ended up getting mad 😡 went to the supermarket alone then had to go pick them up again we got home around 8:30 they were all waiting on me to do dinner 🖕🖕I went to my room now it’s freaking 11:30pm she is making I don’t know what in the kitchen I just want to get up and really kick them out of my freakin house seriously though! Am I over reacting I know I have a cold but damn enough is enough