I got married at 17! Story+pictures


You didn’t misread, that wasn’t a typo... I got married at 17! My parents moved me to Alaska right after graduation, and I had been dating my now husband for roughly a year and a half. We had one of those stereotypical relationships. Brother’s best friend 😉 plus he was a college boy! Haha, we had been talking about marriage for a while, and he even bought a ring. I was just... unsure. I had been praying about it and asking God to just give me a for sure answer! I didn’t want to marry the wrong person, and I definitely didn’t want to do it too soon or too late! During the long drive from Oklahoma to Alaska, I prayed that we would see a wolf. Now, idk if you know anything about wolves, but it is VERY rare to see one. Not unheard of, but it’s a rare moment to actually see one. Maybe 100 miles? down the road, in the middle of British Columbia, my dad points off into a ditch and says “there’s a wolf”, and I saw it but I questioned it because on my mind I thought “could have been a coyote or dog” and “I didn’t get THAT good of a look at it. Later that evening, HUNDREDS of miles later, I had to pee. Like BAD. There was nothing for miles. We come up on this little gas station/park thing in the middle of nowhere, but it was locked up. I’ve seen how many bears are through that area that time of year. Yeah, not happening haha the GPS showed a town maybe 30 miles away. so my mom and I kept going. And going and going and going... turns out the GPS lied because the next town must have been at least 100 miles down 🙃 go figure. Just about the time we were going to give up and buck up and pee on the side of the road, an animal appeared in the road. I’m not kidding, I thought it was deer 🦌 it was so big!!! We creep forward a little bit after it crossed and it stopped in the ditch and stared at us. I’m not kidding, that was the biggest wolf I’ve ever seen in my life. I have a big dog. He’s 93 lbs, but this boy was HUGE and put my mastiff to shame. Of course we thought twice about stopping and went on. But I couldn’t help but marvel at the things God set in motion. There is no doubt in my mind that God allowed that first wolf to be in our path. But when I doubted he went ahead and extended the sign again to where there couldn’t be a single doubt in my mind. I still get chills thinking about it! How rare it is to see one, but to see two hundreds of miles apart on the same day... breathtaking. It’s an experience I’ll never forget! DH couldn’t stand the thought of being away from me until I turned 18 to fly home that August (it was June at the time) so he flew out the beginning of July. I had talked to my parents about what God had shown me, and we all cried. On the way to the airport to pick up DH, my parents spoke up and started planning my wedding and talking about dates!! When he got in the car, we had most of the wedding planned and he didn’t know we were getting married! We got married back in the woods of my parents property 3 weeks later on July 22, 2018. It was absolutely beautiful... all the wildflowers were in bloom, the sky was clear, it was just breathtaking. My dad’s friend married us, a few members from our church we’re there, and in total, roughly 35? People in attendance. His family flat out didn’t come as they didn’t approve of me taking away their son 🙄 most of my family didn’t get to come because of money. My sister didn’t go because she is older and was mad that I got married first (story for a different time on how that unfolded haha) but my parents and little brother were there and honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better day! It was perfect. I spent in total less than $800. Most of the flowers just around were wild flowers.. even the ones in the flower girl bucket! The wood was some that was around the property. My dad built the arches and the benches, the pulpit was from the church that our pastor had built, the runners were drop cloths that my dad had gotten for work, the flowers (bouquet) and cake were from a local grocery store, and most everything else we either had or thrift shopped for. My dress was $40 at the thrift store and it was exactly everything I wanted! First and only dress I tried on but I was already in love. My shoes I got at target for $20, my husband’s shirt I got for free in Oklahoma and he just happened to bring it with him.. it was honestly so perfect how everything lined out. My dress was actually too big when I bought it, but when I got it altered it fit 🤔 the day after our wedding, I took a test and it was +!! We sadly lost our little bean at 13 weeks, but we were still thankful for the short time we had. I was extremely bloated for the wedding, but I had no complaints. Enjoy some pictures from the wedding :) these are my favorite

Aww he ALMOST cried 💕

Thought you’d enjoy my little brother’s goofiness 😂

Sporting my 6 week bloat in these next few

He kissed me for like .5 seconds... surprised they caught it! I’d like to add that my photographer drove 8 hours BOTH WAYS in one day to take pictures at our wedding for FREE 😭 we appreciate her so much ❤️

I fixed my own hair and did my own makeup (with some help from my mom) I’m honestly proud of myself as I’ve never really been good at that sort of thing. I’m saying this with a sloppy ponytail sticking right out of the top of my head hahahah

My self decorated cake because the grocery store wouldn’t do it for me lol it did it’s job