tInDeR date advice (rant)

I was talking to this guy for a few days on tinder/snap before I met him in person. We were gonna go out and do something but I didn't end up getting to him until pretty late so we just chilled at his place and had a few drinks. Everything seemed to have gone pretty well. We had some good convos and we ended up cuddling/making out. I made it clear I didn't want sex (mainly bc I was on my period f u mother nature) and he was A-OK with that. But things started to heat up and I gave him the good ol BJ. Things got a little awkward after in my opinion but maybe I was just over thinking and I left after of course saying goodbye and what not even tho he said I didn't have to. He seemed into me by his actions and body gestures.. after I left he was quick to message me drive safe. He snapped me the next day in the afternoon (today) just some small talk. I replied but felt like I was catching a different vibe.. I left him on open just to kinda play hard to get and he snapped me again this time letting me know he hopes I was feeling better and that he was about to go to sleep. Guys can be super confusing sometimes and its hard to know if he's into me but I feel like he wouldn't be messaging me after hanging out if he wasn't.