German roaches. Am I wrong for not wanting SOs sister at my home? ***EDIT



My boyfriends sister has a roach problem. When I go into her house I literally don’t want to touch anything. She got her house exterminated and I saw no roaches in her home for a while so I let my guard up a little with her coming to our place. She doesn’t have a car so we give her rides often.

I shit u not, she left her baby’s car seat in our truck for 3-4 days, now our truck is infested with roaches. Our truck isn’t the cleanest vehicle being that it’s 10 years old and several little ones have rode in it and spilled things here and there, but we have never had any roaches in it.

Every time I get out my truck I shake off before going into my apt. I’ve never seen ANY bugs in my apartment other than a spider. The other day there was a roach IN MY HOME in my bathroom. I’m assuming it hitched a ride in her diaper bag or something. I’ve even seen a house roach in my moms house since this problem started.

I know it’s her bc none of my family has any kind of roach problem, my boyfriend and I don’t hang out with anyone being that we are typically very busy.. she is the only one who rides in our vehicle & comes to our place frequently..

I feel so uncomfortable and told my boyfriend I don’t want her in our home or our vehicle.. Is that rude?? I don’t want to spread this problem any further and be the cause of such a nasty burden on someone else’s home, anyone have any suggestions of what to do or even products that worked for you. We are relatively clean people already..

Update 6/4/19

Hey everyone,

So I bought bengal spray & sprayed around the inside of my truck, also bought boric acid and dusted all over the carpet of my truck. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I can only hope everything I’ve read will help solve the issue. I’m dedicating to vacuuming my truck every other day & re-dusting boric acid around. I have stopped parking in my assigned parking garage in case the roaches are traveling from surrounding cars parked in there with me(my SOs suggestion).

I also wanted to clarify some things regarding his sister. I met my SO through his sister, we’ve all known each other over 10 years now! I love her, & I know she doesn’t want to have roaches either. But unfortunately, she does. Me & my SO aren’t in the best position financially to help her out. Also, I made a comment on here regarding how dirty her house was. I am a clean person who doesn’t enjoy clutter. I’m not an “oh just leave it there, we’ll clean later” kind of person. She is. She doesn’t let diapers sit on the ground for days, she’ll pick them up the same day eventually. I wouldn’t do that. Also, in her defense she tells her boyfriend to take the trash out, he’s the one who will just leave it laying on the porch, or not take it out of the dining room. For me, if my SO didn’t take out the trash like I asked him to I’d take it out myself, maybe with an attitude, but I’d do it. My SO & I both have told her about needing to pick up several times. My SO doesn’t like clutter either. I never said he was ok with it, but at the end of the day it’s his sister and neither of us are going to disown her bc her home isn’t as clean as ours.. I just would rather meet up somewhere outside of our homes..

Thanks for all your comments.❤️🥰