The love that wins

I need a little help with my situation. The story is long but I will make it as short as possible. I've been in love for many years with a boy from my high school, back then we would only wave at eachother and smile. (I was always looking at him like I knew him from somewhere). After we graduated, we started talking and he fell in love, and after a few months of ups and downs (because I had a boyfriend) we were together. I want to say that I was soooo deeply in love with him, I've never been before or after. We broke up after a year because I was suspicious of him cheating and had lots of fights over some girl from his class. But next 2 years, no matter if he dated other girls, he would always come to see me, or text me or even having sex. But 1 and a half year ago he stopped. He started a relationship with the girl we've been fighting over back when we were a couple. The girl is not his type and not even half of me (not so smart, a little ugly and looking 35, we are 23). I had other relationships, I have one now, but I don't understand WHY I'm having dreams about my ex and crying almost every day and thinking about him. This is weird. Is it fate? Is he the one for me and I still have to wait? Or I'm just supid, but after so much time I should have been over it. But I'm not..