Am I wrong for keeping baby daddy out of the loop?

He’s been physically abusive before, he has always been mentally and emotionally abusive our entire marriage. When he left for Germany he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend sexting and telling her he loves her and stuff they were talking the entire time. So I told him I’m done and we haven’t talked for weeks. I’m pregnant and he texted me the other day asking “how’s the baby” and I never responded then hours later he tried calling 10 times and I didn’t pick up. I feel like he only wants to talk to me when it’s on his terms and he doesn’t give a shit about the baby or me that’s why he cheated in the first place.. he’s in a whole relationship with his ex now too while still being married to me. I’m moving out of the house and in with a friend July 1st he’s supposed to get back mid July and I’m going to refuse to see him. Were both military and I can’t be home in NH until September so it’ll be hard to keep out of contact but if I have to get a military restraining order I will. I don’t feel safe to him coming back while I’m pregnant I’m Afraid hell hurt me or the baby... am I wrong for this..?