Would you let your s/o family still come to the hospital if?

Hey everyone, so I need some opinions.. my boyfriend thinks I’m being a little harsh but I don’t think I’m in the wrong but if I am please tell me. So I’m due at the end of this month. We already have a 18 month old daughter who his family has only seen a handful of times.. anyways I had a gender reveal not ONE of this family members showed up. I’m having a baby shower on the 16th and only one of his family members said they were going but she has said she would be there before and never showed up. They have not asked me or my boyfriend once about how I am feeling, hows the baby doing nothing.. so would you still tell them when you are having the baby and invite them to the hospital? Or no? With my daughter half of them came to the baby shower but talked the WHOLE time didn’t pay attention at all and where extremely disrespectful to me and my family.. I still let them come to the hospital they all took pictures posted them to look like good people then seen her maybe 5 times though-out her whole life! Am I just being hormonal and crazy or do I have a legit reason to not want them there? Sorry if this is kinda confusing... thanks in advance.

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