Work and pregnancy

Kayla • 12/30/16❤️ 1/20/18 💑 12/12/19💙

So I just need to vent and see if maybe it’s pregnancy hormones or I have a legit reason to be pissed. So work has known since my 8w5d dating scan that I’m pregnant and have a 20lb lifting restriction, I’m now 12w2d. I work in a good manufacturing plant, so that meant I’d be off of all jobs but a packager job, like they’ve done for the other pregnant girl. So today end of day I get my schedule and it says they’re training me on the ovens, the packaging part of the plant is usually 70-80deg, the oven room on the other hand usually is anywhere from 90-120deg (I know because my husband works back there). They know how hot it gets and we’re just starting into summer (last week it was 100deg back there) and because my note from my OB doesn’t have a heat restriction they found the loophole as technically the Ovens don’t have to lift over 20lbs.

I’m pissed they know the heat, and just don’t care. I see my OB tomorrow for my 12wk appt and will see what she says then but I’m sure they’ll find more loophole jobs.

This is my second pregnancy my first I worked in the other departments ovens but there’s giant cooling rooms you can sneak into and cool off, but even that I was on the oven once and got so lightheaded. I’m dreading tomorrow just keep hoping my doc will put me out. My first they didn’t let you have a lifting restriction so I was out at 18wks then because of lifting, my daughter had been extremely low(it’d taken an hour to find her heartbeat at my 18w appt), and I had severe back pain.

Do I have a right to be pissed?