Is this normal?

So I moved in with my boyfriend in February. Before that we did the long distance thing. We would have phone sex and send each other dirty messages and sexy pictures. Well of course after I moved in that kinda stopped because we are together in person now and have sex everyday and since we see each other everyday I stopped sending him pictures. Welll lately he has been like extra sexual in text messages when we are apart from each other. Talking dirty etc. I sent him a picture today in my thong and he loved it and started saying that he wants me to send pictures to him more often because he likes when I do. He also wants to try anal and has been talking about it a lot more lately. He also has told me that he loves my ass and wants to see me in thongs more often. Should I be worried about this sudden change in the things he wants? Like is this normal? Because I’m like this whole time I’ve been not doing any of that and he hasn’t said anything all of a sudden he is wanting more of this and it’s making me feel like he’s getting bored with me and needs those types of things to keep the excitement going. Or is it that he may just miss it because I haven’t been doing any of that since I moved in with him. This is my first real relationship so idk how to take it so any advice would e appreciated thank you!