Need help TTC with PCOS


Hi ladies, a little back story this will be my third pregnancy. 2017 October I was 248 lbs and got pregnant only to miscarry, December 2,2017. I had lost weight I was 215 lbs I got pregnant found out March 5,2018 that I was 5 weeks along, only to have my baby at 21 weeks she lived, for five hours. The hospital said she was tiny and that they couldn’t help her. Have been trying to get pregnant for 9 months now. And I went to a specialist, only to find out I have PCOS and I’ve gained weight I’m 258. I’m trying to lose weight I’m on metformin 1000mg a day. I took Provera but started spotting when I wasn’t even done with the pill. What did you ladies do to get pregnant with PCOS?