Solid foods

We are not doing the whole new rage of baby led weaning, baby is 9 months and for the past few weeks we have Introduced food that isn't pureed. Mainly puffs in halves T first, now he can rest puffs fine. My question and concern is the bite size chunks of strawberry for example,and banana, avocado, it's so slippery, baby only has two teeth. What is an appropriate size pieces to be giving them, I'm in some Facebook groups and just read three posts about babies choking and I'm nervous.

What exactly is considered "bite size" because from what I have seen it's different for every parent apparently. But after those posts and reading how baby choked on things the parent was confident with, I'm questioning the appropriate size. He has the pincer grasp down, slippery foods are difficult still.

An example of foods we eat are chicken soup casserole, has carrots celery, chicken and spaghetti noodles I cut the chicken fine and break it up I to shredded type texture, the carrots I mashed with a fork as well as celery and the noodles I cut Into like inch strips, he just shovels handfuls in, eatsvery well.

When is the right time, generally speaking, to be giving say, chunks of chicken, like small diced pieces.

Edited to add: isn't bAby led solids from 6 months. We have strictly puree and upped to lumpy textures, and now since pincer grasp is figured out, and chewing is better, we Re looking to start solids. He's 9 months, it is t bzby led at this age. We were told pincer grasp and chewing you can start chunks. If not then when is the appropriate age to I produce chunks... seems a bit odd to wait longer.