He didn’t reply 💔

So I finally worked up the courage to message my crush (of 5 years) earlier today and I suggested we go for breakfast one day. He’s read it but he didn’t reply. I saw the little dots come up but nothing... that was hours ago so its not like he didn’t have time to reply. I also know he doesn’t work Friday afternoons.

He knows its from me, he wanted to swap numbers, he’s also said he likes me, he’s told me and a couple of my friends. So id rather him just tell me he isn’t interested than not say anything.

I don’t know what i do now, do i message him again with a “i take that as a no then” type message or just leave it how it is and try to move on.

Its gunna be so awkward when i next see him. I feel so annoyed and stupid to think that he might have actually liked me back... I’m in my 30s, all my friends are getting married and here’s me still single and still falling for guys bullshit like this