the glucose test saga

Jess • tiny baby number one due September 2019

So, yesterday I went for my glucose diabetes screening shenanigans. It was kind of a mess, because I drank the stuff, then they told me to wait in the waiting room for an hour. They didn’t say whether anyone would call me back, so when it had been an hour, I asked the lady at the desk and she told me to go back to the lab and let me in.

I get there and there’s no one at the lab, it’s dark and I’m confused. So I wait a few minutes, and a lady comes back and says oh no, we’re on lunch, you have to go to the other lab downstairs. I go to the other lab, they tut-tut about how it might have been too long, but they take my blood and say it ought to be fine (it was about an hour and twenty minutes instead of an hour since I drank it).

Just got a call from them saying my results were too high and I have to come back tomorrow for the three hour test. Does anybody know if this is probably because I didn’t get blood drawn soon enough after my one hour, or does that make it even more suspicious that my results were too high?