Honest opinion

So I just found out my husband had a short term affair while I was 8 months pregnant. Lasted about two weeks and they had sex about 5 times. I’m still processing this and to be honest my entire pregnancy there was no love between us we barely had sex and I never gave him blow jobs anymore. When we got married it was an agreement we would have sex almost everyday and I’d give him lots of blow Jobs because that’s how we were already so we both expected that. But we fell out of love in the beginning of my pregnancy and we didn’t have sex every day and I wasn’t willing to give him blow jobs anymore he kept straying away from at first just talking to girls but I didn’t think he would physically do anything. But he did and now hes confessed and fell back in love with after giving birth and binding with our baby. I feel awful but then I think it was a condition of our Marriage to have lots of sex and I would give him blow jobs and I would not. Idk what I’m even asking here he’s said that he married me with those agreements that we both agreed to and I didn’t keep my promise