Should unemployed wives literally serve their husbands? (Food)


I have no job (I am in school), my husband is in the military, and we have no kids. He does this thing where even if I cook all the food, constantly clean up after him, and keep the apartment clean, he still likes his food to be served to him. Even after I’ve sat down to eat mine, he’ll ask me to go put some on a plate and bring it to him. And it does it for plenty of things. If he needs something from another (or the same) room, wants me to grab a remote, or literally anything that requires hands and legs, he asks me, even if he’s closer to it.

Sometimes I’m completely ok with it. Sometimes it annoys me. Sometimes I feel it’s my responsibility since he’s the only one working. Sometimes I feel like regardless of job status, he can do some things for himself. Just looking for other opinions.

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