Confused please help

Breanna • TTC rainbow baby 🌈👶🏻

Ok so the past couple months I’ve been having an abnormal period. Last month, I started, and then it got lighter the second day and so on. This time, I’m having the same issue. Yesterday I had some clotting but it was still light, and now today I am barely bleeding and it is not even nearly on half of my pad. My fiancé and I have been TTC and feel like maybe possibly I’m pregnant but I’ve taken tests and according to everyone on here they’re negative. Now, I have heard several cases of pregnant women having a very light period when pregnant and that could be the case for me. But what I’m curious about is should I go get a blood test, or not even waste my time? I’m just curious since my periods since last month have been really odd. Also, I’d like to note that usually I have pretty bad cramps the first day of my period and I have not been having bad cramps (only light cramps) for both this period and last months.