A sign or three?


A back story: last year, right around this time I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I weren't really trying because we had been married a month and wanted to wait yet. I told him on fathers day. July 3rd I woke up with some bleeding. I was able to get into my doctors office the same day and was diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage. A week later I went back for my recheck and sure enough there was no heartbeat and debris in the gestational sac. I was devastated. Flash forward to this year, we have decided to start trying again with this current cycle. Lately I have seen quite a few of what I would call signs. Last week we had a terrible storm and I saw a rainbow after it was done. And then while driving to work (I go in for 3am) I saw a shooting star and then tonight while sitting at my in laws house the light reflected a rainbow right onto my belly. What do you guys think? Am I wishing to hard for something?