Another loss

I started having problems about 6 weeks into my pregnancy. I was diagnosed with something called subchronic hematoma a fancy word for blood clot, and was told it was normal that it would pass. But with this I was bleeding as if I was having a normal cycle. Now, normally I would panic but I was assured by the doctor that with this diagnoses the bleeding was normal. I was bleeding for 3 weeks none stop, but they seen the yolks sac as well as a fetal pole so although I was scared I was optimistic that things would be ok. At my 10 week mark I had the worst pain I've ever felt. I rushed to the hospital. The doctor couldn't find a heartbeat. They said I pretty much lost my baby.i waited two weeks but had not past any clots. I ended up getting a DNC last Tuesday and I'm depressed and so hurt..I don't know why this keeps happening