Weight loss journey 2019


Ive finally gotten myself out of the self of post partum depression that took me into its grasps the first 8 months of my sons life. Hes now almost 17 months and deapite how many miles a week i walk and the 10 mile bike rides every weekend ive only toned up my thighs and legs 😭

My next step is joining my gym this weekend to start losing my back rolls and excess stomach fat.

I have an upcoming vacation in october and i honestly just want to feel comfortable in my bikini again because today i felt like a literal beached whale when i put mine on. 😭

soi wear 1x in shirts and size 18 in pants but the scale is breakimg at now 235. Same as pre-pregnancy but i feel heavier and just not happy with my current body look. What are some things to try at the gym to target my back and belly?

*i dont want abs or anything! Just to tone up and lose a bit of this extra baby chub weight