Rough start anyone? Sch..all day sickness..😨

Danielle β€’

So not only has my morning sickness been kicking my butt since around 6 weeks (I'm 8 weeks today) but I went to the hospital for spotting on Wednesday (7w5d) and found out that baby is measuring exactly where he/she is suppose to. Im starting to wonder if high hcg levels make you more likely to have morning sickness (all day sickness in my case). At 5w 5d my hug was 22,000 ish and at 7w 5d it was 143,343. I also found out I have a small subchronic hemorrhage. Ive never had that with any pregnancy and always felt confident in my pregnancies but seeings that my last daughter was a missed miscarriage and born stillborn, i am so nervous.