I recently moved to my mothers house from living alone. Not sure why it was not a good idea I'm coming to find out. It's a complete different rhythm than I'm used to. Shes putting all this pressure on me to get SSI, voc rehab, birth control and break up with my boyfriend. Which goes against everything that I cherish. I don't do birth control because I dont believe it's right. The SSI and voc rehab sets me on edge never been real keen on that. And then she says that well I just dont feel comfortable with your SO visiting town because if you cant use birth control and be "responsible" I dont want you getting pregnant.

This lady married when she was 22 and started having my siblings and I when she was 23.

Anyway this has been causing me a lot of stress and I've started bleeding but weird enough my period dates are off by at least a week if not more. I had sex exactly two weeks ago. It's so weird. I dont jnow what to think.

If you have any positive support or advice please post.